Our Design Philosophy

By: Lindsey Kite, Enzo Marfella and Erik Winer At INTEC Group, we believe that great design has the power to enhance the human condition. Architecture and interior design are about more than spaces people inhabit. They are about how we interact with one another, how we become inspired to excel and succeed, and how we… Read more »

Benching 3.0 – The Evolution of a Collaborative Workspace

By: Stacy Fraser and Wendy Noory In 2017, office culture as we know it is being completely reinvented. Whether it’s new communication tools, groundbreaking technology or enhanced methods of teleworking, change is coming at a relentless pace. Possibly the clearest indicator of the shift in the workplace is the evolution of the actual workspace. In… Read more »

Bespoke Design vs. Designing for the Masses

By: Denise Hoffman, Barbara Briccotto, Caitlin DaValle, Rebecca Taveras and Jill Tucker Bespoke (adjective): Made to a customer’s specifications If you’ve heard the term at all, the word “bespoke” might conjure images of hand-tailored suits on debonair British spies or haute-couture supermodels on Paris runways. In the fashion world, bespoke is the difference between a… Read more »

Leading the Way to WELLness

By: Meredith Goldberg and Howard Chapman With global wellness poised to be the next trillion-dollar industry, the WELL Building Standard® is taking its place as the benchmark for professionals who want to advance the health and wellbeing of the buildings and communities they design. “Enhancing the human condition” is our vision at INTEC Group, so… Read more »

Bringing Teams Together: The Struggle is Real

By: Adele Boyle, Ashley Edwards, Kathryn Bixler, and Erin Hauswirth Merging companies is an adventure and can be a bit like blending families. There’s always an adjustment period while everyone sorts their way through each other’s personalities, idiosyncrasies, and inside jokes, until you have enough experiences together to have your own shared memories and laughs….

The Man, The Myth, The Legend: The Architect

March 15th is observed as the Ides of March. Whether you remember this date for religious purposes or because you took Latin in high school, it’s a date you can’t seem to forget. To those of us at INTEC Group, March 15th also happens to mark the beginning of a legend’s journey at our firm…. Read more »

How Our Ideation Process Sets Our Designs Apart

By: Meredith Goldberg, Kaitlin Bonney, Stephanie Houston, Joe Sehrer, and Enzo Marfella Where do ideas come from? Every great design starts from the same place. It all begins with an idea. Maybe it’s a carefully planned presentation or just an off-the-cuff suggestion that snowballs into something bigger. No matter their origin, ideas carry weight, and… Read more »

What Comes Next for Coworking Spaces?

By: Lindsey Kite, Stephanie Arbieto, and Tricia Nash It has been said that a good idea can come from anywhere. If your ‘anywhere’ just so happens to be a coworking space, those good ideas are flying fast and furious all day long. No matter your degree or job description, coworking spaces foster the kind of… Read more »

Experience is Everything: The Future of Retail

By: Greg Grueneich, Erik Winer, Josh Kieb, and John Mang It’s no secret that the rise in popularity of online shopping has left brick-and-mortar retailers wondering what their next move should be. Gone are the days when strict square footage formulas and standard floorplates created successful retail environments. Today, getting people to show up to… Read more »

Behind the Knowledge Share

In order to create a global impact, we have to stay connected to what’s happening in our community, beyond just the architecture and design industry. Research and observations spark ideas, which trigger conversations to help us connect the dots. What if you were able to carve out a time and a space during the day… Read more »