Kaitlin Bonney

Designer – DC Office

Kaitlin is a Designer at INTEC Group. She works with our clients and team members in our DC office and appreciates having the chance to collaborate not only with her own team, but with those in our other offices as well. Kaitlin works on our clients’ projects from the conceptual phase through to the construction documents. She gets to know our clients and sees what works for them, helping her create something that’s unique and not a generic design that wouldn’t speak to who they are. She enjoys thinking about the aesthetic and materiality of the space and then making it all cohesive. She creates 3D renderings so our clients can easily visualize what she is recommending. Kaitlin ensures that what we deliver matches the concept, so that our clients receive what they wanted and asked for.

Her ability to visualize a concept is inspired by her passion for photography – whether she’s photographing people, places, or objects. The emotions and textures often blend into her work and she loves seeing how it translates into the physical result of her designs. What excites her most about her job is that the possibilities are endless; there isn’t just one correct answer – she sees it as her job to find the best option.

Kaitlin earned her Bachelor of Interior Design from Virginia Tech.


In her spare time…

She enjoys spending time with her family, friends and roommates from school. Preferably while they’re watching movies and eating chocolate.

If she wasn’t working in this industry, she would…

Be a photographer. It’s always been a hobby that she has enjoyed and it allows her to tap into her creativity.